Unilot White Paper

2018 | Ver 1.0

Dear Gamers, Dear Investors,

Unilot appeared as a unique amalgam of bold vision, revolutionary ideas, social experiment, and elegant application of cutting edge technology. Unilot is driven by an important social mission in its core: to build the world's most transparent, secure, and diverse betting platform. Made possible by the advent of Blockchain, Unilot launches a truly universal arena to gambling, betting, and prognostication. It is there to leverage the players' abilities and creativity while providing the atmosphere of safety and integrity far beyond those found in modern gambling.

We believe that the house does not always have to win. That is why in Unilot, we decided not to have a House for our players to compete against. We believe that math doesn't lie and can make cheating impossible. That is why we offer our players a pure chance to wager against each other's odds, We believe that sharing is truly caring. Thus we offer freedom of choice and multiple second chances and consolation rounds to all members of our community. While we believe in respecting the laws of the land, we also believe in people's fundamental right to make their own judgement when to try their luck as well as enjoy the opportunity to create their own rules when making a bet.

Unilot may seem like a magical little playground that resides on your phone or computer screen, but it opens a door to the place, where the whole world comes together for a fun and engaging experience with odds never rigged unless they are occasionally stacked into players' favor.

We pledge to review any community's feedback and keep the records open for anyone to audit building trust and openness standards like never before.

Dive in, read about us, talk to us, play with us and have fun!

Ilya Sohn, CEO



Unilot uses blockchain to run a decentralized universal gambling platform for players to bet, host, and in future create their own games ranging from pure chance lotteries, to poker tournaments, and prognostication-based totalizers. We are working to make Unilot available on the Web, iOS and Android and in multiple languages in addition to current English and Russian.

To facilitate the exchange, Unilot platform transacts in its own currency “UNIT” while accepting most cryptocurrencies and other legal means of tender in appropriate jurisdictions. The purpose of this White Paper is to demonstrate Unilot’s technology and solutions it offers, as well as demonstrate the mature business expertise behind the founding team’s vision.



With online gambling market projected to reach nearly $60B by 2020, both the quickly-evolving regulatory landscape and criminal practices turn away consumers reducing their trust and peace of mind. Here at Unilot, we made it our strategic priority to successfully tackle regulatory limitations that vary drastically from one jurisdiction to another, and mitigate consumer mistrust.

To deal with regulations, games offered through Unilot will vary based on the player's geographic location. We are building an intelligent system capable of detecting which games to offer and which ones to lock. Furthermore, Unilot continues to secure licenses in various jurisdictions to expand its user-base.

Unilot leverages decentralized gaming on blockchain to effectively address consumer mistrust, featuring some core fair-play fundamentals:

  1. Unilot runs on Smart Contacts to keep games' records open and transparent and players' funds in independent escrow, outside Unilot's reach
  2. Unilot explicitly eliminated the possibility of having a view access to the deck, thus preventing so-called "God Mode" that plagued online gaming industry for years.
  3. Our goal is to reinvigorate online gambling with Ethereum blockchain, radically improving end-user experience through player-self-managed identification, absurdly low fees, and inviolable guarantee of instant pay on winnings.

See more detailed summary and explanation to figures at: https://www.statista.com/statistics/270728/market-volume-of-online-gaming-worldwide/

Market & Industry

Market & Industry

Online gambling industry has been plagued by inability to tackle high tech cheating and lack of transparency. To name a few, 2008 and 2011 online poker scandals led to online gambling bans in some countries.

Though it was off to a rocky start, online gambling is well poised to become the gambling industry's fastest-growing sector, and accounts for 11% of the $385B of gambling profits posted in 2016. These numbers are only set to grow as regulations worldwide are loosening their stance toward online betting.

According to H2 Gambling Capital, total revenues in 2016 from online gambling posted staggering $44B with online betting responsible for nearly a half of the total amount. Market projections show this number to grow to $47.4 Billion USD in 2017 and over $60 billion by 2020.

Bingo $2B
Logical $2.2B
Poker $2.75B
Lottery $3.85B
Betting $11.8B
Casino $21.4B
Total $44B
Total revenues in 2016 from online gambling

Unilot is designed with a product diversity in mind. Its platform will feature a broad range of gambling venues from specific games to prognostication-based betting in compliance with specific jurisdiction regulations on games and currencies. Unilot mobile client already comes with a fully functional lottery. Next games slated for rollout are Poker and Bingo.

Unilot aims to get licensed in every jurisdiction open to online gambling & and lottery as it expands its user-base. Unilot launch will include licensing from Malta Remote Gaming License on March 2018


Product Details

Product Details

Unilot is a decentralized gaming platform with focus on transparency and security. Unilot client runs iOS and Android mobile apps offered through multiple languages (starting with English, Chinese, Russian etc)

After Unilot's launch, players should expect the following games:

  • Lottery
  • Poker
  • Bingo
  • Social betting
  • Auction
  • Casino

Unilot Features & Benefits

Elimination of deposit risk: player retains a full custody over their funds until the game outcome. Instead of landing into any of Unilot-controlled accounts, the funds are directed into an independent Escrow on Smart Contract that distributes the proceeds according to game rules and outcomes

Gameplay fairness and transparency is achieved with having all players at table reaching a consensus done on blockchain network. Actions like card shuffling occur with all the players involved. Game play is recorded on blockchain ledger ensuring an unparalleled integrity.

Since the games run on peer-to-peer blockchain and smart contracts, Unilot completely eliminates any access to individual player's cards. Players' cards are only visible to the players themselves.

Unilot is all about a more balanced and fair gambling network. Using Ethereum network and Ethereum smart contracts eliminates costly server hosting fees and disputes arising from handling players' funds. The savings are passed on to the players.

Unilot Games

Unilot mobile client features two modes available to players: Global & Hosted Games.

Global Games

All global games offered are open to anyone on Unilot platform meeting individual local jurisdiction requirements. Games will include minimum pot size before game starts, multiple or single winner settings.

Hosted Games

In line with Unilot's mission, hosting games will allow players to generate their own income by hosting their own games on Unilot platform. Players may set their minimum ante, game type and invite others to participate. Games are by invite-only and otherwise remain invisible to global community.

Hosting functionality is what makes Unilot truly stand out from most online lotteries by creating a comprehensive platform for current and future peer-betting venues. Players will be able to host any of the available global games, like running their own poker tournament, setting out their own rules, minimum pot size, their own "host's cut". In the near future, using smart contracts and oracles, Unilot players should be able to create their own betting pools and totalizers.

Unilot Business Model

Unilot Business Model

Primary Revenue Generation Model

For all available global games, Unilot retains a tiny fraction of game winnings and game antes where games have an an ante or entry fee. Unilot also retains a small percentage every time Unilots are exchanged; those proceeds are then distributed among Unilot token holders based on proof-of-stake mechanism.

For hosted games and white label games Unilot collects a setup fee or offers service level agreement to larger hosts. In certain instances, owners of hosted games and white label companies (the originators) when spinning off their own games may want to have Unilot owners (the backers) auction, loan, or put forth their own Unilots to fully or partially fund those hosted games. In exchange, the backers may receive additional revenues or incentives from the originators even if the backers don't end up playing that particular game.

Regardless of the arrangement, the fees Unilot retains in global games or as part of setup fees in white label and hosted games are seamless, transparent and not interrupting to the gaming process.

Secondary Revenue Generation Models

Advertising Revenues

To recognize and incentivize random or most valued players, Unilot intends to raffle tokens as well as physical prizes. Unilot is actively building partnerships with advertisers interested in promoting products, brands, and causes through product placements. Unilot aims to market product placement opportunities and calculate advertising fees based on the audience's geographic and demographic parameters.

Faithful to its mission to further fairness and common benefit, Unilot intends to not only run commercial product placements, but also provide a centerstage for philanthropic causes, including fundraisers for meaningful social causes.

Affiliate Marketing

Like any platform that benefits from active market participation, Unilot has active plans to implement traditional affiliate marketing programs. Those would include incentivising and rewarding referrals, reviews offered by content providers, and introduction of miscellaneous individual and institutional investment prospects.

Additional Merchandising

Unilot recognizes the value and opportunity of engaging global audiences and making play easy and fun. Being able to accept conventional currencies is a major part of this solution, as many people worldwide are still poorly familiar with concept of cryptocurrencies. Aiming to encourage the use of its platform for individual betting and create a strong global and diverse presence, Unilot currently develops the feature that allows accepting funds in local currencies placed on physical and digital gift cards. Such gift cards can be sold throughout small retail places and used by their recipients as conventional lottery tickets.

Technology & Transparency

Technology & Transparency

Unilot Gameplay Logistics:

Smart Contracts

Use of smart contracts on Ethereum network significantly simplifies running the games, their integrity, and inviolability of their outcome. Some basic examples of those Smart Contracts can run ladders in tournaments or sets of individual table rules like seat assignments, escrowing funds, and distribution of payouts.

Identity Management

Through its smart geosensing and public anonymity achievable on blockchain, Unilot provides an intelligent solution to the dilemma of user privacy and legality in user identity management.

Part of our commitment to providing quality gaming network, includes embedding of solutions like uPort or similar options as they become available. We very well know that a good game should not be interrupted by bots, fake accounts, and other unwanted spam. Therefore security and great uninterrupted experience are on the top of our priority list.

Gameplay Consensus, Client Synchronization, and Log Storage

Unilot uses Mental Poker algorithm that produces a consensus through a Byzantine Fault Tolerant Consensus Mechanism for games that require shuffling. Simultaneously, peer-to-peer messaging ensures game's critical-and-sufficient synchronization across multiple mobile clients. For all in-game activity, Unilot runs a time-series log stored on IPFS for both compliance and technical purposes.

Unilot Business Intelligence Suite

Truthful to our mission, we design Unilot to become a truly global gambling and betting platform transcending geographic and demographic barriers to cater a unique personalized experience to every player. The use of Ethereum network and smart contracts yields a transparent record of game results data, which we deliberately keep open for public to review and analyze.

Parallel to data produced on main stack, we are also building Unilot Artificial Intelligence solution to observe systems performance and improve user experience. AI's mission is to help users feel informed and empowered with best relevant data, like gaming odds, curated interpretation of gaming trends, or provide assistant functions to UI.


Unilot Mobile Wallet & Gaming Client

Unilot Mobile Wallet & Gaming Client

All Unilot global or hosted games can be run on Unilot mobile client, specifically designed to handle all components of peer-to-peer communication from initiating and joining games to performing the required blockchain actions, like using a Mental Poker protocol for cards shuffling. Unilot mobile client also runs a so-called light wallet to facilitate escrow, ensure instant payout on winnings, and keep game ante and wins separate from player's stash. In subsequent releases, light wallet would also offer instant conversion feature to other cryptocurrencies from Unilots.

Currently, the mobile client is built for iOS and Android only, and offers smart region selection and localization.

Product Roadmap

  • June


    Unilot successful seed-funding round

  • September-October


    Board of Advisors and MVP ready to roll

  • December


    Pre-ICO arrangements and closed testing

  • January 10


    ICO first stage kick-off with up to 25% of ICO equity offered.

  • February 15


    ICO second stage with up to 100% of ICO equity offered.

  • March 30


    Unilot beta launch under Malta Remote Gaming Licence.

  • June


    BTC Auction and reality lotteries next games release.

  • August-September


    Decentralized platform priority regions localization complete with hosted games and white label options.

  • November


    Comprehensive peer betting prognostication and totalizer functionality on hosted games and white label platform.



Unilot successful seed-funding round



Board of Advisors and MVP ready to roll



Pre-ICO arrangements and closed testing

January 10


ICO first stage kick-off with up to 25% of ICO equity offered.

February 15


ICO second stage with up to 100% of ICO equity offered.

March 30


Unilot beta launch under Malta Remote Gaming Licence.



BTC Auction and reality lotteries next games release.



Decentralized platform priority regions localization complete with hosted games and white label options.



Comprehensive peer betting prognostication and totalizer functionality on hosted games and white label platform.

Token Sale

Token Sale

Presale Stage

Start Date January 10th, 2018, at 19:00 UTC (GMT) / 14:00 New York / 19:00 London / 22:00 Moscow / 04:00 Tokyo (January 11)
End Date February 17th, 2018, at 19:00 UTC (GMT) / 14:00 New York / 19:00 London / 22:00 Moscow / 04:00 Tokyo (February 18)
Token Sale Cap 25 000 000 UNIT tokens
Currency Accepted ETH
Bonus 40%
Exchange Rate 1 ETH = 12 658 UNIT Tokens + (40% bonus)
Minimum Transaction 1 UNIT Tokens (0.000079 ETH)
Maximum Transaction 379 746 Tokens (30 ETH)

ICO Stage 1

Start Date February 22th, 2018, at 19:00 UTC (GMT) / 14:00 New York / 19:00 London / 22:00 Moscow / 04:00 Tokyo (February 23)
End Date March 22th, 2018, at 19:00 UTC (GMT) / 15:00 New York / 19:00 London / 22:00 Moscow / 04:00 Tokyo (March 23)
Step 1 5 000 000 UNIT tokens + (35% bonus)
Step 2 5 000 000 UNIT tokens + (30% bonus)
Step 3 5 000 000 UNIT tokens + (25% bonus)
Step 4 5 000 000 UNIT tokens + (20% bonus)
Step without bonuses 122 500 000 UNIT tokens
Currency Accepted ETH
Exchange Rate 1 ETH = 12 658 UNIT Tokens
Minimum Transaction 1 UNIT Tokens (0.000079 ETH)
Maximum Transaction 379 746 Tokens (30 ETH)

ICO Stage 2

Start Date April 20th, 2018, at 19:00 UTC (GMT) / 15:00 New York / 20:00 London / 22:00 Moscow / 04:00 Tokyo (April 21)
End Date May 20h, 2018, at 19:00 UTC (GMT) / 15:00 New York / 20:00 London / 22:00 Moscow / 04:00 Tokyo (May 21)
Token Sale Cap 142 500 000 UNIT tokens + unsold tokens from preICO and ICO stage 1 (without bonus)
Currency Accepted ETH
Exchange Rate 1 ETH = 12 658 UNIT Tokens
Minimum Transaction 1 UNIT Tokens (0.000079 ETH)
Maximum Transaction 379 746 Tokens (30 ETH)

- was rounded to the whole number. The calculations in contract will be carried out to 18 decimal places

Token Distribution

62% Purchasers

10% Reserve

3% Bounty

10% Referral and Bonus Program

5% Advisors

10% Team

Use of Funds

40% Marketing

30% Platform Development and expansion

15% Business Development and Partnerships

10% Legal and Misc Operations

5% Consultants

Advisory Board

Advisory Board
Unilot Timur Mukminov International Relations and Business Intelligence Advisor
Timur MukminovInternational Relations and Business Intelligence Advisor

Business Process Advisor: Program Portfolio & Tech. Project
Management, Infrastructure, Agile, Global Eng. Management;
ex-Program Manager Network Operations at Google Inc.
Over 10 years of technical project management, and business
intelligence, and applied research & analytical expertise, backed
by solid background in IT and infrastructure, and knowledge of
multiple foreign languages.

Unilot Sergey Skabelkin Strategic Product Development Advisor
Sergey SkabelkinStrategic Product Development Advisor

Blockchain Evangelist, Co-founder of FinTechCluster, Mobile
wallet and online service enterprise architect. Sergey has deep
expertise in Banking and Financial Markets and has demonstrat-
ed success in engagement delivery taking managing positions at
Russian Standard Bank, Swedbank, PrivatBank.

Unilot Azamat Kurbanov Marketing Advisor
Azamat KurbanovMarketing Advisor

Co-founder of telegraf.money who successfully led preICO worth
$7 000 000. A self-starter and successful entrepreneur, more
than 10 years experience on marketing and creating multimillion
worth companies.

Unilot Bakhram Fayzutdinov Mobile Product Development and Promotion Advisor
Bakhram FayzutdinovMobile Product Development and Promotion Advisor

Founder of Amayasoft company, head of MyBookTools technology development. More than 10 years on programming, product management and business development.

Unilot Mario Fiorini Legal and Gambling issues Advisor
Mario FioriniLegal and Gambling issues Advisor

Co-Founder of iGamingAdvisors that offers senior international gaming consultancy to all sectors of the gaming industry; CEO of ArenaCube, a software development company offering software services to the iGaming industry.

Unilot Sergey Khegay Technical Development Advisor
Sergey KhegayTechnical Development Advisor

The member of Monitoring team as Software Engineer at Tech Yahoo with a significant experience in the computer software industry.

Unilot Oleg Firer Financial Advisor
Oleg FirerFinancial Advisor

Financial Services Executive, Award-winning Entrepreneur. The success Mr. Firer has had in the past includes experience as a senior operations manager, building corporate presence and generating profitability in highly competitive markets. He also has proven achievements in new product launch, disruptive technology and new market development. Mr. Firer holds a diplomatic rank of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.

Unilot Vladimir Nikitin Legal Advisor - Russia
Vladimir NikitinLegal Advisor - Russia

With over a decade of legal experience specializing in the Russian jurisdiction. Areas of expertise: legal audits - Master of Law, economic law. Through Vladimir’s journey, he has developed a strong network of over 25,000 contacts. These professional operate within the blockchain community or the legal industry.

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